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Express Service

Euro.Com provides a domestic express service for small shipments on pallets from and to its warehouse. It can also expand this service in Europe, collecting or delivering at the business address requested.

The domestic express service is guaranteed within:
• 24 hours (North/Middle Italy)
• 48 hours (South Italy)
• 72 hours (islands)
after the receiving of the goods or the pick-up order confirmation.

If you need a faster express service, Euro.Com can provide it through a box van with tail lift.

Euro.Com Trasporti Srl
Via Sommacampagna 38 - 37137 VERONA (VR)
+39 045 6305870 - dispo@eurocomtrasporti.it
P.IVA 02459350233 - C.F. 01740440365 - I.Albo VR2805638M

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