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About Us

Euro.Com was founded in 1985 from five business partners until the Prolunghi family took over as owner and manager in 2010.

Thanks to this long experience and steady attentions to its clients, now it has an accurate professionality in intermodal road transport of general cargo moving containers, trailers and swap bodies, all combined with precise logistic services.

Furthermore, Euro.com moved its company headquarters next to Verona Interporto in 2014. Being first between the Interportos in Europe and also a crossroad for freight traffic, it has reduced the company delivery times and increased the quality of its services.

Euro.Com Trasporti Srl
Via Sommacampagna 38 - 37137 VERONA (VR)
+39 045 6305870 - dispo@eurocomtrasporti.it
P.IVA 02459350233 - C.F. 01740440365 - I.Albo VR2805638M

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