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Vehicle Fleet

Euro.Com has a fleet of around 40 vehicles composed of articulated trailers, lorries with trailer and lorries with tail lift. It also has approximately thirty semi-trailers chassis for containers haulage, three 30ft tipper chassis and other four 20ft tipper chassis.

One box van with tail lift, 3.7 meters loading bed, and 800kg of maximum load. All the vehicles are equipped with GPS so is possible to track them and the goods in real time.

Euro.Com Trasporti Srl
Via Sommacampagna 38 - 37137 VERONA (VR)
+39 045 6305870 - dispo@eurocomtrasporti.it
P.IVA 02459350233 - C.F. 01740440365 - I.Albo VR2805638M

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